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One of the most powerful marketing messages we want to convey and share is this: Cultural marketing. Cultural Marketing is arguably one of humanity's oldest forms of marketing – and because it's one of humanity's oldest, it's the least popular form of marketing. We know but the power of Cultural Marketing through book publishing can become one of the most powerful marketing methods of our time.

In this day and age, throughout the length of human history Culture is what shapes this world in all aspects of life – from Spiritual Culture to Material Culture to becoming the decisive basis for life. human development – ​​and human society.

However, there is a question that still becomes the concern of Philosophers - Thinkers, which is the question: What is culture? The truth is: There are hundreds of definitions of Culture, but there is still no consensus on the final conclusion, enough to understand the complexity of Culture – and how people understand Culture differently in the world. Our world.

Here we can simplify about Culture – that is “LITERY OF SOMETHING – THAT WILL BE CULTURE”. The simple thing here is that you can turn your message - your solution into something shareable - and everyone you share it with can receive the message. that message - and sharing it with others is the message. In essence this message is like “LITERY” – and if the message has depth value – how will it become “Cultural” in the transformation of people and human thought on the world. The path to realizing your purpose comes to each and everyone.

Culture has a great depth and connotation, and it can be said that another word of CULTURE is culture. All that we can be called science, all that we see in this world is what you can reflect in the form of LANGUAGE. Concepts, words and what is reflected in words - concepts and words are the culture of something. In other words, we all interact through language, and language itself is culture. So, people and their concepts (language) about the world have their roots in CULTURE (the CULTURE that we talk about).

All physical objects, all objects that we call mental in the form of a concept, are called literature. And culture is the inner depth to conceptualize the world and thereby create a breakthrough for people – UNDERSTAND THE WORLD.

If a world without concepts is a world that people cannot imagine. A book published and released is the most powerful marketing message we can give the world with a problem-solving message through Culture - and that means we are Enter a new world of solution creators through cultural values.

And that is why we are entering the new phase of marketing, which is CULTURE MARKETING – aka CULTURE MARKETING!

How do you develop a cultural message?

It is publishing a book and releasing a book as a valuable problem-solving message for people and through a message that has value solving problems for people you can convey through an efficient solution called a message. From there, you can trade knowledge, trade information from a message that you want to share with the world.

We are entering a new world of information entrepreneurs, of professionals who build and develop effective information for people. And that's also why releasing a book is such an effective message that you can share a message of cultural value to help people solve problems and through that you can grow. Developing a single source of income – is an effective way to run a successful business in the current era.

Welcome to the world of Authors of Many, the world of information business people.

Welcome to the expert world, the world of message sharing and business enthusiasts.

Welcome to the revolutionary world of business with millions of dollars in innovation and information entrepreneurs, through a valuable message and bringing it to millions of people.


If you want to publish – a successful book release, then the Royal Book Publishing Process – will help you achieve it:

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